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If the owners or principals of a company formed as a certain entity type (such as a corporation) deem it advantageous to do so, such an entity may be eligible for conversion to a different entity type (such as a Limited Liability Company). An existing corporation may convert into a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and vice versa in states that allow conversion. Upon conversion, the original entity remains in existence (keeping its original Federal EIN, etc.). Only its entity type is changed. Please remember that only certain states allow conversion filings; others require the dissolution of the original entity and the formation of a new entity.

For the states that allow conversion filings, IncFilings.com will prepare the documents needed for your conversion for your review and submission to the appropriate state agency so that you may change your entity type while maintaining the ongoing existence of your business entity.

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The benefit of choosing IncFilings.com for your business incorporation needs is simple: we want you and your business to succeed. To emphasize your business success as our top priority, we offer 24-hour online access to your account and order status, a trained and knowledgeable designated customer service staff and a time-tested company reliability and commitment to providing quality products and services in a timely manner.

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