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What is a Tax Exemption?

Once a non-profit has incorporated with the state agency, it can apply for federal tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Section 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code provides that 28 types of non-profit organizations may receive an exemption from federal income tax. Qualifying organizations receive the benefit of exemption from federal income taxes and may even qualify to receive an additional exemption from state taxes and tax-deductible contributions from donors.

I already filed my non-profit with the state.

Do I still have to apply for the Tax Exemption?


Generally, yes. A non-profit corporation filed with the state does not automatically qualify it for federal tax exemption with the Internal Revenue Service. A non-profit corporation that has been granted 501(c) status by the IRS is not only tax-exempt, but it may also allow donors to make tax-deductible donations. While religious associations formed strictly for regularly scheduled religious meetings are usually automatically tax-exempt, most non-profit corporations must voluntarily apply for tax exemption in order to receive such benefits.

What we do for you.


INC guarantees 100% approval for all its 501(c) filings. We provide personal consultations, preparation of the application including the required attachments, and direct IRS representation. If the IRS has questions about your application they will deal with us, not you.

Tax Exemptions

501(c) organization, also referred to as a 501(c), is an American tax-exempt non-profit organization.


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