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What is a Registered Agent?


A Registered Agent is a person or company designated to receive service of process and official mail on behalf of a business entity. If you do not have a physical location in the state in which you intend to register your business, most states will require you to appoint a Registered Agent in order to form the company and maintain active status.


Why do I need a Registered Agent?

When an individual, government agency, or process server wants to formally contact the business, they will look up the Registered Agent information on record with the state and send mail or legal documents to the Registered Agent on file. The Registered Agent will then forward the mail to the business. Registered Agents provide a systematic way to ensure a business can be reliably contacted with official and legal notices. Basically, the registered agent requirement exists so the state and general public have a reliable way to contact a business.


What we do for you.


We will accept and forward all tax and legal documents received on behalf of your business, making sure you don't miss important information regarding tax payments, lawsuits, or judgments involving your business. We will also notify you when the Annual Reports are due to the state so that your business can maintain good standing and active status with the state.

Registered Agent


In most states, it is mandatory for a business entity to have a Registered Agent who maintains a registered office within the state of filing.

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